About Her

About Asmodelle

Asmodelle is music that is involving, captivating yet relaxing. Think funky sounds with layers of synths which always delight.

Asmodelle is a single Australian female who plays and performs electronic music.  Often her music is based in the studio but she also performs live, and most of her recent work is recorded live as opposed to multi-tracking.

Her music is generally not sample based, although sometimes it sounds like it is. When Asmodelle makes use of samples, they are only as background and are created by Asmodelle herself.

The music is usually played on multiple keyboard synths and has a real NOW sound. Her style is versatile, ranging from: ambient, electonica, chillout and even to experimental.  Asmodelle uses both old school physical synths, and software based synths and an electric piano.

A classically trained musician, Asmodelle has carved out her own niche’ in electronic sound, which is very different to her contemporaries.

Asmodelle is based in the Central Coast of Australia and doesn’t perform very often, but when she does it is a memorable event. In her early days at university Asmodelle had an experimental music ensemble which performed in art galleries and at experimental art events; then, in the 80s Asmodelle got involved in the Tokyo electronic music scene and has been an electronic music composer since that time. So Asmodelle brings a unique combination of experience to her music. She has composed and recorded hundreds of original tracks, and nearly all are instrumental.

Asmodelle is gifted musician and a talented technician, a vital combination for great electronic compositions. She has been and continues to be an artist, model, performer and an actress, but is always a musician.

Her influences are: Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Ministry of Sound Dance music compilations, Aphex Twin, and many electronic artists.

Asmodelle is distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie

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